AEM has been Europe's leading independent overhaul and repair facility for more than 60 years. Our company has a solid reputation in the aerospace industry for providing a broad range of services to international and regional airlines, helicopter operators and airframe manufacturers. Conducting business from three sites in the United Kingdom, AEM’s capabilities cover aircraft windings, electrical power, hydraulic components, landing gear and safety equipment.


Authorized Repair Station
  • Aeromedic
  • Astronics/DME Corporation
  • Collins Aerospace
  • EAM Worldwide
  • KGS Electronics
  • Safran Electrical and Power
  • Safran Landing Systems
  • Tactair Fluid Controls Inc
  • Winslow Liferaft Company
  • Woodward HRT
Locations & Facilities
Stansted Airport:

AEM’s comprehensive power generation and safety equipment workshops, which are located at its Stansted Airport head office, provide repair and overhaul services for all essential onboard aircraft safety equipment and power products. This includes oxygen, inflatables, fire extinguishers, generators, IDGs and peripheral control systems.


AEM’s Ramsgate landing gear facility offers a full range of in-house capabilities including the provision of loan assets to support customer needs and maximize flying hours. The team’s extensive machining and plating processes allow it to maintain quality, reliability and delivery.

Luton Airport:

AEM is uniquely placed in the aerospace and defence industry to deliver electrical windings from our Luton Airport location. At this facility, skilled technicians manufacture, rewind and repair complex wound components, saving clients a significant amount of time and money.

Products & Services
Quality Awards / Certifications

Stansted, Ramsgate & Luton: QEHS Policy 2020

Europe: European Aviation Safety Agency EASA 145
Stansted and Ramsgate: EASA 145 Certificate
Luton: EASA 145 Certificate

Europe: European Aviation Safety Agency EASA 21G
Stansted: EASA 21G Certificate

Europe: European Aviation Safety Agency EASA 21J
Luton: EASA 21J Certificate

UK: AS9110 Rev C
Stansted, Ramsgate & Luton: AS9110C

UK: AS9100 Rev D
Stansted, Ramsgate & Luton: AS9100D

UK: ISO 14001:2015
Ramsgate: ISO 14001:2015 Certificate   
British Safety Council Certificate

JOSCAR Registered Certificate
US: Federal Aviation Administration FAA 145
Stansted and Ramsgate: FAA 145 Certificate
Luton: FAA 145 Certificate - Luton

US: US Department of Transportation US DOT
Stansted: US DOT Certificate

Canada: Transport Canada Civil Aviation TCCA 145
Stansted and Ramsgate: TCCA

Indonesia: Direcotorate General of Civil Avation DGAC 145
Stansted and Ramsgate: DGCA Certificate

Nepal: Civil Aviation Authority Nepal CAAN 145
Stansted and Ramsgate: CAAN Certificate

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