Product / Service Overview:

AMETEK MRO services a wide range of aircraft integrated drive generators (IDGs) and has full in-house capabilities to overhaul a variety of engine types. Over the years, our team has made a significant investment into quality, technology and innovation, and we are supported by state-of-the-art test equipment and highly trained personnel. With our comprehensive range of testing and repair equipment, we can advise on the best maintenance program for your IDG while helping to reduce turnaround time and minimize cost of ownership.
Test Cells:
Our dedicated IDG test rig is among the most sophisticated available and can simulate loads of up to 145 KVA and 850 amps (DC) at speeds of up to 32,000 rpm. This allows most IDGs currently flying to be tested. At AMETEK MRO, we also have a multi-stationed, automatic brush bedding facility to prepare each IDG for testing to ensure a complete assurance in quality.
Undercutting Machine:
AMETEK MRO has an in-house undercutting machine to help guarantee that each IDG we work on is fully balanced before being returned. The undercutting machine skims the part to clean it before it goes back into the machine to be turned until it’s appropriately undercut.

As well as having the added capability of being able to lap parts using technical data and often rescue them, we hold a large stock of IDG components of various types if they need replacing. We also have a dust-free painting environment to help ensure that the IDG’s we work on are finished to the highest possible standards. Click the button below now to learn more and / or request support.

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